In this day and age, you should have the choice of a tech-savvy realtor that defies the rigid old commission model, and serves you with real integrity and expertise.

Why You Should Work With Us

How Much Can You Save?

Traditional Seller's Realtor
Commission $12,500 ~ $15,000
Realex Realtor
Traditional Buyer's Realtor
No Refund
Realex Realtor
Rebate up to $7,000

How Does It Work?

We'll guide you in every step of a sale or a purchase through online platforms that's intuitive to use.

Seller or buyer needs to provide some prerequisites, e.g. house information, loan pre-approval, etc. which you still need to do with a traditional realtor.

Almost everything is done online. We trim off the unnecessary costs, thereby passing the savings to you.

We value efficiency and communication, and above all, your satisfaction. Unlike other flat fee service providers, we do NOT bill by the hour.

Service Area

licensed in Illinois

We are licensed to help you buy or sell real estates in the State of Illinois.

Our main service area is 20 mile around Morton Grove

Our main service area is the 20 mile radius around Morton Grove.

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