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Edelyn Y Xie, Broker Owner
Edelyn Y Xie, Broker Owner

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I am a nerd. (duh… as if you can’t tell already)

My name is pronounced e(like in egg)-de-lin, sh-ie. My last name is particularly useful if you are learning Mandarin Chinese – it means “thanks”.

I love Mexican food, dark roast coffee, cat videos, and cute mugs. I know nothing about sports or e-sports. Tried to learn Spanish but still suck at it. Breaking Bad is my favorite show, followed by Game of Thrones (first 7 seasons). Recent book love is Flowers for Algernon.

I graduated from Peking University, one of the top universities in China, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance. I went on to work at KPMG, one of the Big Four accounting firms. I could have been just a normal white collar working in Beijing today.But life suddenly shifted lanes.

Thinking back, my journey to the States was in spirit the very similar to the Pilgrims boarding the Mayflower, and I’m grateful I reached the Land of the Free. Once in the US, I got my graduate degree in MS Finance. I worked really hard, juggling three jobs at times, learning as much as I could. I worked at several banks, made it to Vice President in the Credit Risk department. Thanks to my 10-year tenure in the banking industry, I got to know the ins-and-outs of mortgages, and naturally extended to real estate.

I am not your normal sales-y kind. If you get to know me, I’m more of the number-crunching, program-coding, report-writing analyst that doesn’t talk much, and gets shy when had to do so. I got into real estate more as a side hustle, figured I could help people with my knowledge. But after reading many books, studying many courses, I found that, to my dismay, most of realtor’s “training” focused on how to GET clients, not how to DO the deed. It’s the general atmosphere in the industry, most realtors learn how to sell themselves, not how to provide real value. In fact, lots of the training was on scripts to defend the 6% commission. I didn’t feel comfortable when I was on the receiving end of such sales pitches, and it didn’t feel right charging homeowners of $600k homes six times commission as the $100k homes.

I do enjoy problem solving, I do want to help people, I am just not wired as a salesman to sing twisted facts and not feel ashamed about it. Being a newly-minted American, I get a kick when I came to the realization that I could do this differently. There has been so much technological development in the real estate industry. We have great data aggregators, analytical tools, cloud technology. It’s almost a jarring picture when compared to the century-old sales model. And maybe I could do away with it.

So I opened my own office after seven years practicing under traditional brokerages. I wanted to see that as long as a company does quality work, holds integrity and takes care of its clients, even with a low margin, the company can still survive, and possibly even thrive. Nowadays more people began to realize that the real estate industry is lagging in its way of doing business. There are debates, and even lawsuits, but still nothing is changing. Of course such a gigantic industry is hard to challenge from the outside (think about all the training on defending commissions!) It seems to me that, the change has to come from within. No matter how the majority of the market behaves, we have to do what’s right by our conscience. That’s why I started this. For each and every one of you that trusted me, I hope I could bring real, solid value and a fresher way of doing things.

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