Buy Homes & Get Maximum Rebate

We take a low fee. The rest is all refunded to you. It can get up to 90% of buyer agent commission.

Are you a

  • Real Estate Investor?
  • Experienced Homebuyer?
  • A tech-savvy homebuyer that has done your research?

If you answered "yes" to any of the above, working with us could save you thousands of dollars.

It's a Common Misconception

that realtors work for you “for free”. So many buyers don’t think too much when choosing a realtor. But…


Buyer realtor’s commission ultimately comes from you. Seller takes your money, and pays both seller and buyer realtors. So by providing buyer rebates from our commission, you are effectively paying less than the contract price.

Let’s look at an example adapted from real life*. Suppose you negotiated to buy a house for $500,000, your actual out of pocket at closing have a huge difference by using different realtors, over $13,000 of difference.

(*Example not including mortgage related cost, prepaid tax and insurance. Numbers adjusted slightly for illustration)

How does our model work?

Traditional buyer’s realtor charges 2.5-3% commission for everybody, mainly because some buyers need a lot of counseling, showings, and handholding to make a purchase.

But if you are already capable of doing all the research online and require minimal realtor’s help in finding your target property to buy, the realtor’s high fee is not justified.

That’s how our model will save you thousands of dollars. We separate the showings and the contract process, each part with a clear, fixed fee structure.

You choose the services you need, and pay only a fraction of what it takes to work with traditional realtors. We will send you a big rebate after closing.


Property Showings

First 3 property showings are $35 each. Each additional property showing cost $50. To ensure our agent’s safety, we’ll need to perform a background check before we proceed.

Contract to Closing

We strive to keep our cost under $2000 for most regular home purchases. Depend on the complexity of individual transaction, we will give you a case-by-case price quote.

How much rebate can you get?

The savings are based on different house price and how many showings you requested. The numbers are based on our experience and are for reference only. Individual transaction could have different arrangements. Please contact us for a specific quote.

Property showing fees are paid upfront. An initial payment of $500 is required to begin the property showing and contract process. Upon closing, we will rebate you the commission minus all fees incurred during the transaction.

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