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5 Ways Flat Fee MLS Realtor Could Help You Save Big When Selling Your Home

If you haven’t heard about Flat Fee realtors (AKA Flat Fee MLS, discount rate brokers, flat fee realty), you should definitely check it out. When selling a home, flat fee realtors could help you so much more than traditional realtors. Realex Realtor went even further, to provide Full-Service Listing Packages for a flat fee, to help sellers that need more help, but still want more savings.

How could flat fee MLS services help you, the home seller?

1. Flat, Low Realtor Fee Instead of 6% Commission

We all know that traditional realtors charge 5-6% of your home price as their commission, no matter how much work you did yourself, or how m   uch your home is worth. But flat fee realtors, with the transparent pricing structure, enable you to sell your home for a fixed, low fee. The lowest fee package is only $199, including listing your home on the MLS for 6 months, and unlimited changes to your listing. So if your home is worth $200,000, it’s a comparison of $12,000 and $199 in realtor fees.

2. Get the Full Power of MLS to Work for You

The MLS (Multiple Listing Services) is THE place where your home needs to be listed. It presents your home in a professional manner, and hundreds of major real estate websites follow it to market your home at the same time. It showcases your home to the largest buyer pool possible, maximizing your possibility of a sale. For some sellers, listing their home on the MLS is enough to get the home sold. With flat fee MLS services, you get the benefit of MLS with the lowest fee possible.

3. Choose Only the Services You Need at a Flat Fee

You’ll know exactly how much it will cost for which kind of service because of our transparent fee structure. The power is back to you to determine how much you want to save.

If you don’t need the realtor to do showings and open houses for you, or printing the fancy glossy brochures, you don’t have to pay for that. If you only need MLS listing, professional photography, contract review and advice, all legal forms guidance, we have a flat fee package just for that for $499, nothing more. We can even tailor our services for your unique situation. Whether bare-bones MLS listing only, or full-on consultation and guidance at every step, we provide the service at a flat fee.

4. Reduced Cost Increased Your Competitive Position

If you have a target price in mind, traditional realtor’s 6% commission will bloat your listing price, making your house harder to sell than competitors. With less realtor fees, you can strategically price your home at a more competitive position. Remember, the faster your home sells, the less the carrying cost.

5. Option to Sell by Yourself, Saving 6%

Usually the buyer will come with a buyer’s agent, and you still have to pay the buyer’s agent 2-3% commission. But if you are able to sell the house all by yourself, without any realtor, you don’t have to pay any further commission. Some realtors don’t give you the option – they charge a commission whether or not they provided any substantive work. On the contrary, Realex Realtor help you keep this option.

Realex Realtor is based in the Greater Chicago area, providing flat fee MLS services to Illinois home sellers that wants to save their hard earned equity. Different from other flat fee realties that only provide bare-bones MLS listing services, we also provide full service selling packages that includes all traditional realtor services and consultation, but still at a flat, low fee. Contact us to find out more.

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